Interview with Joanne Kennard

Joanne Kennard – Owner and Inventor of EasyOven

Our May 2020 Newsletter surrounds feel-good stories. Is there a feel-good story that you have recently read that made you happy?

With the COVID-19 virus taking over our lives at the moment we have seen some amazing people jump into action. One such person is Craig Foster. Craig is an Australian retired soccer player and is a sports analyst on SBS TV. He is also an incredibly driven man that is not afraid to push for justice and the less fortunate. At the moment, Craig has rallied sportsmen and women from all codes to help at Food Banks, packing boxes and delivering much-needed parcels to those struggling during these uncertain times. Craig is not scared to speak his mind and tell it like it is. What’s amazing is that he is not doing this for his name to be in shining lights, he works tirelessly because he cares. He simply inspires me to strive to be better and to remain community-driven in everything I do. We need more Craig’s in this world!

At Green Living Australia we sell a few of your products, including the EasyOven. What made you want to create EasyOven and how has the world’s view changed from when you first came up with the idea 20 years ago to now? 

Growing up in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand seems like a million years ago. I am passionate about the world we live in and the people that inhabit it. I like to go off the beaten track to see the real world. I’m not so much a tourist but a traveller! After a 5-year stint in the NZ Army as a medic, I received an unexpected call from a friend in the USA. ‘Come join me’ she said – what an adventure!! Little did I know, that one call triggered years of adventure!

From the USA, my travels have taken me to over 38 different countries and it is in London where I meet my South African born husband. Life in South Africa was adventurous and eye-opening. It is in South Africa that I started to see how the women would spend hours bent over an outdoor wood fire cooking for their families, having the smoke billowing in their eyes and coughing from breathing it in. This was the catalyst for inventing EasyOven and has enabled me to continue the adventure.

What drew us to them was the lovely colours! What made you choose such brilliant bright colours? Do you have a favourite?

Colours make your heart sing! Everyone loves colours and our customers when asked always have a firm favourite! My favourite colour would have to be orange. The colour of sunset 🙂 

I was reading the other day that the colour orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It also represents creativity, encouragement, enthusiasm, fascination, determination, and sunshine. Phew! but that pretty well sums up how I feel about the colour, and how it makes me feel.

Was there a point in time where you realised you liked to invent products?

I have always had ideas on how to make things work better. I often wake in the early hours of the morning with ideas. I always write them down. I can tell you that some ideas are really good and others, well …

I have a passion for the people in our world, from those in small remote communities that don’t have access to many things, to communities in large metropolitan areas that want to change the way we do things, and everything in-between. I have always had a love of helping people so EasyOven was a mixture of all of these things.

What is your one piece of advice for anyone sitting at home who has a passion project sitting on the sidelines but they don’t know how to start?

Take that leap of faith. Take a chance on yourself and make it happen. You certainly won’t regret it. I have met some amazing, inspiring people that have decided to believe in themselves and turn their passion into something more than a thought. Some have changed the world in some way, some have just bought a product that helps a small community, and all have loved every minute of their journey. 

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  1. This is so clever… it’s the solar haybox principle – long used in Australia, but this is a greatly improved version!
    I love it.

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