Hi. My name is Valerie Pearson and live in Queensland on the Granite Belt, just outside of Stanthorpe. I am happy to say that it is the coldest place in Queensland where you really feel like you experience four seasons a year.

I have always been interested in doing things myself and living as sustainably as possible. I have travelled a great deal and lived in several different countries, before returning home to Australia in 2002. One of the many places I lived was in Pennsylvania, USA and this is where my love of simple living really flourished. Why, because the Amish do it so well.

I learned so much while living there and the lessons leaned stayed with me wherever I went. I eventually came home to Australia and while wanting to continue living a simple but rich life myself, I realized I also wanted to help others do the same.

Green Living Australia

I co-founded a company, Green Living Australia, to help people with information and supplies to get back to basics and do it yourself. I wrote three books, Home Cheese Making in Australia, Sugar Free Home Preserving, and Gut Health and Fermented Foods. I also travel around teaching and lecturing on cheese making, sugar free jam making, fermenting, soap making and other self sufficiency and sustainability subjects.

While I love my life and teaching, I would like to slow down a little and so someone suggested that I start a blog. This way I can still help people but get to stay home on my mountain a little more. I hope that you find the information I will be sharing useful.

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